Lewis & Short

īthyphallus, i, m., = ἰθύφαλλος,

  1. I. the ithyphallus, a piece of wood shaped like the fascinum, and carried about in the festivals of Bacchus, Arn. 5, 176.
  2. II. Transf., Priapus, the son of Bacchus, whose symbol was the ithyphallus, Col. 10, 31.
    1. B. Deriv.: īthyphallĭcus, a, um, adj., ithyphallic: carmen, an ithyphallic song, i. e. a poem composed in the measure of the hymns to Priapus, Serv. Centim. 1018 P. Atil. Fortun. p. 2698.
      1. 2. The metrum Phalaecium is also sometimes called ithyphallicum, Mar. Vict. p. 2566 P.