Lewis & Short

2. Flōrus, i, m., a Roman surname. So esp.,

  1. I. Julius Florus, a celebrated orator of Gaul, a pupil of Portius Latro, Quint. 10, 3, 13 Spald.; perh. the same to whom the three epistles of the 1st book and the two of the 2d book of the Epistles of Horace are addressed.
  2. II. Florus, called in some MSS. L. Annaeus, in others Julius, who compiled a brief history of Rome; he probably wrote in the time of Hadrian; v. Dict. of Biogr. 2, p. 176 sq.; Teuffel, Roem. Lit. p. 786 sq.
  3. III. Gessius Florus, procurator of Judaea in the reign of Nero, Tac. H. 5, 10.
  4. IV. Julius Florus, a nobleman of the Treviri, a leader of revolt, Tac. A. 3, 40 sqq.