Lewis & Short

crŭcĭārĭus, a, um, adj. [crux], of or pertaining to the cross, or, in gen., to torture.

  1. I. Adj.: exitus, full of torture, Tert. Praescr. Haeret. 2 dub. (al. cruciatorios): poenae, Sid. Ep. 8, 6.
  2. II. Subst., one who is crucified, Petr. 112; Sen. Contr. 3, 21.
    1. B. As a term of reproach, one fit for the gallows, a gallows-bird, App. M. 10, p. 242: longum est quae cruciarius ille conflavit, Amm. 29, 2, 9.