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vermĭcŭlor, ātus, 1, v. dep. n. [vermiculus], to be full of worms, wormy, to be worm-eaten, of trees: vermiculantur magis minusve quaedam arbores, Plin. 17, 24, 37, § 220.
Hence, vermĭcŭlātus, a, um, P. a., in the form of worms: gummi, Plin. 13, 21, 20, § 66.
Esp., of mosaic work, inlaid so as to resemble the tracks of worms, vermiculated: pavimento atque emblemate vermiculato, Lucil. ap. Cic. Or. 44, 149: crustae, Plin. 35, 1, 1, § 2.
Of a quick movement of the finger, Mart. Cap. 7, § 729.
Adv.: vermĭcŭlātē, in a vermiculated manner: tesserulas, ut ait Lucilius, struet, et vermiculate inter se lexeis committet, Quint. 9, 4, 113.