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uxōrĭus, a, um, adj. [uxor], of or belonging to a wife or married woman.

  1. I. In gen.
    1. A. Adj.: in arbitrio rei uxoriae, Cic. Off. 3, 15, 61; id. Top. 17, 66: abhorrens ab re uxoriā, i. e. averse to marriage, Ter. And. 5, 1, 10: dos, Ov. A. A. 2, 155: quam formam modicam et modestam Favorinus non inscite appellabat uxoriam, appropriate for a wife, Gell. 5, 11, 13.
      Poet.: imber, i. e. tears for the death of a wife, Stat. S. 5, 1, 31: jus, Dig. 32, 29 pr.: levamentum, Tac. A. 3, 34: nomen, Suet. Calig. 25.
    2. B. Subst.: uxōrĭum, ii, n., a tax laid on old-bachelors, the old-bachelor tax, Fest. p. 379 Müll.
  2. II. In partic., excessively fond of one’s wife, uxorious: pulcramque uxorius urbem Exstruis, Verg. A. 4, 266: amnis (Tiberis), as the husband of Ilia, Hor. C. 1, 2, 19: Vulcanus, Claud. Nupt. Hon. et Mar. 59: juvenis, Auct. Paneg. ad Maxim. et Constantin. 4.