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Sēna, ae, f.

  1. I. A town on the coast of Umbria, where Hasdrubal was defeated by M. Livius Salinator (547 A.U.C.), now Sinigaglia, Liv 27, 46 sq.; Eutr. 3, 10.
    1. A. Sēnānus, a, um, adj., of Sena: aquae, Cael. Aur. Tard. 2, 1, 48.
    2. B. Sēnensis, e, adj., of or belonging to Sena: populus, Liv. 27, 38: proelium, in which Hasdrubal was defeated, Cic. Brut. 18, 73.
  2. II. A river near the town of Sena, now Cesano, Sil. 8, 455; 15, 555; Luc. 2, 407.