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prō-scrībo, psi, ptum, 3, v. a., to write before or in front of, to write over or upon, to inscribe.

  1. I. In gen. (post-Aug.): vultus voluntariā poenarum lege proscripti, written over, inscribed, Petr. 107.
  2. II. In partic.
    1. A. To publish any thing by writing (freq. and class.): ut quo die esse oporteret idus Januarias, eo die Calendas Martias proscriberet, Cic. Verr. 2, 2, 52, § 129: quam (legem) non is promulgavit, quo nomine proscriptam videtis, id. ib. 2, 5, 69, § 177: non proscriptā neque edictā die, id. ib. 1, 54, 141: venationem, id. Att. 16, 4, 1: leges, Tac. A. 13, 51: versiculos per vias, Gell. 15, 4, 3.
          1. (β) With obj.-clause: senatum Calendis velle se frequentem adesse, etiam Formiis proscribi jussit, Cic. Att. 9, 17, 1: proscribit se auctionem esse facturum, id. Quint. 4, 15; cf. Suet. Caes. 49.
    2. B. To offer in writing any thing for sale, lease, or hire, or as to be sold by auction, to post up, advertise: proscribere palam sic accipimus, claris litteris, ut, etc., Dig. 14, 3, 11: Racilius tabulam proscripsit, se familiam Catonianam venditurum, Cic. Q. Fr. 2, 6, 5: Claudius proscripsit insulam, vendidit, id. Off. 3, 16, 65.
    3. C. To publish a person as having forfeited his property, to punish with confiscation, to confiscate one’s property (cf. publico): quaero enim, quid sit aliud proscribere. Velitis, jubeatis, ut M. Tullius in civitate ne sit, bonaque ejus ut mea sint, Cic. Dom. 17, 43: Pompeium, to confiscate the estates gained by him, id. Agr. 2, 36, 99: vicinos, to confiscate the lands of one’s neighbors, id. ib. 3, 4, 14: possessiones, id. ib.: bona, Plin. Ep. 8, 18, 5.
    4. D. To proscribe, outlaw one, by hanging up a tablet with his name and sentence of outlawry, confiscation of goods, etc.: posteaquam victoria constituta est, cum proscriberentur homines, qui adversarii fuisse putabantur, Cic. Rosc. Am. 6, 16: victoriā Sullae parentes, Sall. C. 37, 9: modus proscribendi, Suet. Aug. 27.
      Hence, P. a., as subst.: prōscriptus, i, an outlaw, one proscribed: contra legem Corneliam, quae proscriptum juvari vetat, Cic. Verr. 2, 1, 47, § 123: proscriptorum liberos honores petere puduit, Plin. 7, 30, 31, § 117: in proscriptorum numero esse, Sall. C. 51, 33: bona proscriptorum, id. H. 1, 31 Dietsch.
      1. 2. Trop.: cujus pudoris dignitas in concione proscripta sit, has been brought into ill repute, rendered suspected, Petr. 106.