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prolŏgus, i, m., = πρόλογος.

  1. I. Lit., a preface or introduction to a play, a prologue, Ter. Phorm. prol. 14: in prologis scribundis operā abutitur, id. And. prol. 5: in Hydriae (Menandri) prologo, Quint. 11, 3, 91: in prologo Adelphorum, Suet. Vit. Ter. 2.
  2. II. Transf., the player who delivers the prologue: oratorem esse voluit me, non prologum, Ter. Heaut. prol. 11; id. Hec. prol. alt. 1 (prō-, v. Wagn. ad Ter. Heaut. prol. 11).