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lăquĕar, āris (or lăquĕāre, Verg. Cul. 62; cf. Prisc. p. 691 P.; and: laqueare, συνίθωμα, Gloss. Philox.: lăquĕārĭum, ii, acc. to Isid. Orig. 19, 12), n. [kindr. with laqueus and lacunar], a panelled or fretted ceiling (poet. and in post-Aug. prose; usu. in plur.): laquearia, quae nunc et in privatis domibus auro teguntur, Plin. 33, 3, 18, § 57: laetior quam laquearium auro, id. 12, 1, 5, § 9: dependent lychni laquearibus aureis, Verg. A. 1, 726: laquearia tecti, id. ib. 8, 25; Sil. 7, 142: caelata laquearia, Sen. Ep. 90, 42; 90, 15.
In sing. (very rare): sub laqueare domus, Verg. Cul. 62.