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* illustrāmentum (inl-), i, n. [illustro], an embellishment, ornament of speech: pronuntiationis, Quint. 11, 3, 149.

* illustrātĭo (inl-), ōnis, f. [illustro], in rhetoric, vivid representation: insequetur ἐνάργεια, quae a Cicerone illustratio et evidentia nominatur, quae non tam dicere videtur quam ostendere, Quint. 6, 2, 32.

illustrātor (inl-), ōris, m. [illustro], an enlightener (post-class.): Deus illustrator rerum, Lact. 2, 9, 5; Inscr. Rein. cl. 6, 129.