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assignātĭo (ads-), ōnis, f. [assigno], a marking, showing, assignment, allotment; most freq. of the allotment of land to colonists (cf. assigno, I. A.); with and without agrorum: haec agrorum adsignatio, Cic. Phil. 6, 5, 14; 4, 4, 9; id. Agr. 2, 30 fin.: novae adsignationes, id. ib. 3, 3; so id. Fam. 13, 8, 2: popularis adsignationis modum non excessit, Val. Max. 4, 3, 7.
Of other things (cf. assigno, I. B.): aquae, Dig. 43, 20, 1.