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arrŏgātĭo (adr-), ōnis, f. [arrogo], a taking to one’s self; hence, as jurid. t. t., the full adoption, in the comitia curiata in the presence of the pontifices, later of the emperor himself, of a homo sui juris in the place of a child (cf. s. v. adoptio and the authors there cited): adrogatio dicta, quia genus hoc in alienam familiam transitus per populi rogationem fit, Gell. 5, 19, 8: adrogatio dicitur, quia et is, qui adoptat rogatur, id est interrogatur, an velit eum, quem adoptaturus sit, justum sibi filium esse, et is qui adoptatur, rogatur, an id fieri patiatur? Dig. 1, 7, 2: Claudius Tiberius Nero in Augusti liberos e privigno redactus adrogatione, Aur. Vict. Caes. 2.