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antĕ-fĕro, tŭli, lātum, ferre, v. a.

  1. I. To bear or carry before: ut legum latarum tituli anteferrentur, Tac. A. 1, 8.
    More freq.,
  2. II. Trop., to place before, to prefer, give the preference to, aliquem alicui: longe omnibus unum Demosthenem, Cic. Or. 7; so id. Sull. 32; id. Att. 6, 8; id. Fam. 1, 9; 5, 20; 6, 6 al.: cum ipse ceteris esset omni honore antelatus, id. Prov. Cons. 11; Nep. Them. 1, 1.
  3. * III. To anticipate: quod dies est allaturus, id consilio anteferre debemus, i. e. to consider beforehand, to reflect upon (in order to diminish the overpowering effect of it), Cic. Fam. 5, 16.