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ăbĭēgnus, a, um, adj. (poet., also tri. syllabic; collateral form ABIEGNEVS, Inscr. Napol.) [abies], made of fir-wood or deal: trabes, i. e. a ship, Enn. ap. Auct. ad Her. 2, 22, 34: sors, Plaut. Cas. 2, 6, 32: equus, i. e. the wooden horse before Troy, Prop. 4, 1, 25 (cf. Verg. A. 2, 16): stipes, Att. ap. Fest. p. 219 Müll. (Trag. Rel. p. 170 Rib.): hastile, Liv. 21, 8, 10: scobis, Col. 12, 44, 4 al.