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Maecĭa (Mētĭa), ae, v. 2. Maecius, II.

2. Maecĭus (Mētĭus), i, m.,

  1. I. the name of a place in Latium: nec procul ab Lanuvio (ad Maecium is locus dicitur) castra oppugnare est adortus, Liv. 6, 2, 8 (dub.; Weissenb. ad Mecium).
  2. II. Maecĭa, ae, f., a tribe, Liv. 8, 17, 11; 29, 37; Cic. Planc. 16, 38; id. Att. 4, 15, 9; Paul. ex Fest. p. 136 Müll.